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New Atlas Copco compressed air equipment for sale. Quotations available upon request. Click on the image below for more info or call: 01782 561191

Our Used/New Compressor Store

Our current used stock (as of 16/01/19) available FOR SALE or HIRE now:

- 1998 Atlas Copco GA110 rotary screw air compressor. 110kW. 330 l/s @ 7.5 bar working pressure. Recent Elektronikon Mk5 conversion. FSH. PRICE: £**P.O.A**

- 2001 Atlas Copco GA37 rotary screw air compressor. 37kW. 40,000 Hours. 115 l/s @ 7.5 bar working pressure. PRICE: £**ON HIRE**

- 2008 Atlas Copco GA15 rotary screw air compressor. 15kW. 66,000 Hours. 36.3 l/s @ 10 bar working pressure. PRICE: £**P.O.A**

- HPC SK25 rotary screw air compressor. 15kW. 47,000 Hours. 80 cfm @ 7.5 bar working pressure. Serviced by ourselves for 10 years. PRICE: £**SOLD**

- WALKER PD065N PRO-SFD heatless desiccant compressed air dryer. 65 cfm @ 16 bar maximum working pressure. PRICE: £**P.O.A**

- BEKO RA110 compressed air dryer. 60 cfm with pre and after filtration. PRICE: £**P.O.A**

- BOWMAN STOR TRI-SEP 100 oil/water separator for treatment of compressed air condensate. PRICE: £**P.O.A**

Always call to check current stock availability

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New Atlas Copco Compressor Store

- 2kW Compressor With Dryer GX2 EP FF £2,885.40 + VAT

- 3kW Compressor With Dryer GX3 EP FF £3,087.00 + VAT

- 4kW Compressor With Dryer GX4 EP FF £3,383.10 + VAT

- 5kW Compressor With Dryer GX5 EP FF £3,702.30 + VAT

- 7kW Compressor With Dryer GX7 EP FF £3,977.40 + VAT

Availability: 4 - 6 weeks.